Ancient Techniques

Ancient Techniques

Modern day industry is poison. Products have little to no consideration for circularity and will rot in landfills for 1000s of years, seeping microplastics and toxins into the ecosystem as they breakdown.

However, a fully circular design is not a new phenomenon. Centuries before the industrial era, humanity would work only with what nature could provide. Meaning at end use, these products could breakdown far easier than their synthetic counterparts.

Finding solutions in the past

PURIFIED journey started at the source, travelling to rainforests in the Phillipines & Thailand, working with indigenous craftsman who were experts in forest management. Using natural methods that not only benefit the crop but the entire rainforest.

Abaca Harvesting

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Bananatex® is cultivated in the Philippine highlands within a natural ecosystem of sustainable mixed agriculture and forestry, The material is cultivated by hand from the tree stalks of the Abaca tree. The plant is self-sufficient, requires no pesticides, fertilizer or extra water. These qualities have allowed it to contribute to reforestation in areas once eroded due to monocultural palm plantations, whilst enhancing biodiversity and the economic prosperity of its farmers.

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Latex Tapping


The key ingredient in both Pliant™ and Mirum® is natural latex extracted from Hevea trees through a process known as tree milking. Originating from the Mayan civilization, this process involves hand-cutting the Hevea tree to collect its sap. This method not only benefits the tree's growth but also supports the biodiversity of the entire rainforest. NFW sources the latex from FSC-certified rainforests, ensuring sustainable forest management.

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Seeking ancient knowledge



Working with experienced craftsman in Portugal, we began to trial historical shoemaking techniques. Upper and sole are attached with a binding construction, reducing the need for adhesives by as much as 80%. Where glues are used, they are latex based and non-toxic.

The process of sole attachment is simplified and skips many processes involved in shoemaking, reducing the need for heavy machinery investment.

This construction also improves the flexibility of the shoe, improving the foot's natural step.





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