Natural Intelligence

Natural Intelligence

A Zero Plastic System 

Zero Plastic is not only about using natural materials. It is a complete rethink on how we design. Getting to the source, seeking knowledge from local craftsmen and farmers and harnessing plant matter in a way that benefits the planet.
Working together, we can ensure products are in sync with the world around us and can be accepted back into nature at end of life.

Nature knows best 

Understanding that Natural intelligence is the optimal code of design. PURIFIED takes inspiration from patterns, systems and textures developed over Millenia.
The comfort system built into each shoe is a prime example. Inspired by the incredible movement of ocean waves, a series of slatted grooves accentuate the natural movement of your foot, producing a soft landing and enhanced energy return with each step.
The bottom of the sole imitates textures found in brain coral. These textures help coral grip the seabed, providing enhanced grip.
Rather than mimic the performance of modern synthetic footwear, PURIFIED chooses a different path.

100% Natural

A four year journey of natural discovery;  spanning from the jungles of the Phillipines to the biotech labs of America. Only the most pioneering materials have been chosen.
Every stage of the materials life cycle has been evaluated, not just from factory to foot.
Starting at the source, self-reliant plants and regenerative harvesting practices were favoured for their unique processes, which not only minimise impact but enhance biodiversity.


One such material is Bananatex, a highly durable canvas made from Abaca (banana) trees in the Philippines. This plant grows without the use of toxic pesticides and is self-reliant, helping to reforest areas previously decimated by local industries. Bananatex is fully certified as compostable and serves as an excellent alternative to cotton due to its higher yield and lower water usage. 

Shop our debut Bananatex style: The Abaca


Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) is an innovative company that harnesses the power of photosynthesis to produce fully natural materials for the fashion industry. Their products can return to earth as nutrients for the soil, thereby supporting the next cycle of growth.


PLIANT is NFW’s plastic-free alternative to outsoles. While many sole manufacturers claim to use “natural rubber soles,” these are often mixed with a significant proportion of synthetic rubber. In fact, about seventy percent of what is marketed as rubber today is synthetic. PLIANT uses hevea latex from FSC-certified sources, offering both sustainable benefits and higher functional performance compared to synthetic options. Latex soles provide greater energy return, resulting in a bouncier step, and are more responsive to the natural movement of the foot.


MIRUM® is the world's first plastic-free alternative to animal leather. It is low-carbon, fully biodegradable, and designed to be either fully recycled or broken down naturally at the end of its life. MIRUM® uses self-regenerative crops such as latex, which have a far lower environmental impact compared to animal or synthetic alternatives. The milking of latex trees benefits both the tree and the surrounding forest biodiversity. These materials are durable and have been rigorously tested to ensure they perform as well as traditional leather, without the ethical and environmental concerns associated with animal farming.

Shop our debut Mirum® style: The Hevea


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