Minimised Impact

Minimize environmental impact at all stages of the product's life cycle by using natural materials that produce less CO2 than petroleum-based alternatives. Choose sustainable materials that are self-reliant, regenerative, or organic. Champion artisan shoemaking to reduce the need for heavy machinery and toxic adhesives. Create a zero plastic, all-natural formulation that allows the shoes to safely return to the earth at end of life and includes recyclable components.

Zero Waste

Our shoes are plant-based, non-toxic, and Naturally Circular. This means they can be returned to natural environments and break down over time, providing micronutrients for plant growth. Materials like Mirum and Pliant are recyclable. Unlike other brands, we can separate the upper and outsole, allowing key components to be recycled into future footwear. Return your shoes for recycling and get a discount on future purchases.
Return to Earth


Purified shoes are not only not non toxic but recyclable. Return your shoes to us for recycling and receive a disocunt on future purchases.

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